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  • August 20, 2021
  • Global Security Support

There is a solution to Ransomware!!! Emsisoft Antivirus software

While others say there is nothing that you can do, there is a solution to your ransomware concerns.!!! Emsisoft for the Home, Business or Enterprise. The difference in Global Security Support is that we really dont advertise like traditional companies do. We do not put advertisements for every other type of software for security and then offer you other products at a huge discount. We honestly have experience in what we talk about and whether or not you buy from us does not matter. The next time you suffer from an attack, it will be too late for you to decide on Emsisoft and that is our sincere belief.

As we scan the internet for professional opinions about Emsisoft, we find that they are one of the most efficient antivirus/malware engines out there. Forbes Magazine says that Emsisoft certainly deserves your trust. Read this article and then tell me if Emsisoft is not the best software out there for Anti Ransomware.!!!

Emsisoft provides excellent support and most times you will not need it. The software protection system is extremely sensitive and that is why you should choose it, not for the price or someones reviews on a site that says they are peppered with ads from other companies. We are here for your security and find that economic interests dont play a part in this decision.

Have a good Antivirus system such as Emsisoft. Plus a good firewall reporting system such as Glasswire for Windows. Glasswire is also used on Windows and Android systems to alert you when there is activity on your Phone. We personally use Glass Wire for all of our Windows or Android systems and enjoy the ease and simplicity of its network monitoring. Its a great way to see your network activity without being too technical. Try the free version and i think you will agree its worth the price for their ease of use and protection. Glasswire will protect you and the alerts will tell you where your traffic is going to.

The next part of this answer is in the Antivirus system. Use either Emsisoft for home systems, or Emsisoft Business package either for the small to medium business pack or the Enterprise pack. Either way, it out performs all others and has the ability to protect you and your enterprise. Dont wait for an attack to occur. The difference is having a good reliable security system.

The last part of this is, always maintain a good backup for your files. Dreamhost has a good S3 storage system as does Wasabi. Both systems work well with MSP360 Backup software. This will ensure you that if you ever need to restore files on your system, you always have a good backup. Corrupt files can occur in Windows, so make sure that you have a good backup system and check it regularly.

We use the Emsisoft web protection software for all of our enterprise computer systems. This protection is the best for the overall protection of the PC. We find it to be very accurate in stopping files that behave like trojans or malware. In large environments, Emsisoft has proven to be the best antivirus software to stop Ransomware and Malware from infiltrating into your computer system.

What Behavior blocker does is, it stops suspicious files from executing, regardless of their name or supposed purpose on your computer. Sometimes in Emsisoft, Their Anti-Ransomware suite, including Web Protection, File Guard and Behavior Blocker are too sensitive and block legitimate programs. This is easy to correct, since once you whitelist these legitimate programs, you will have fewer issues updating and using your legitimate programs. Find someone that understands the configuration of Firewall and Antivirus programs and let them make sure that your system is clean from malware and spyware. If you need assistance contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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