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Looking for a company that can save you money in 2023 ??? Let us help you. We are able to look at your IT infrastructure and make suggestions how to save money on everything from computer upgrades to local and offsite backups. We have safe and secure platforms that will make your systems run smoother and more efficient. We can support you remotely and that allows you to run your systems with minimal disruptions.

Global Security Support came from 30 years of being in the IT consulting world. In 2023, after semi-retirement, we decided that seeing the continued threats coming from the internet, Global Security Support was created. We support technologies that run Law Offices, small Accounting firms, as well as the individual home user. We support Office 365 as well as lesser known competitors such as Libre Office and Open Office.

Over 30 years of experience has shown us how older systems can remain in operation longer with some simple hardware upgrades. Some computers need more ram, or faster and larger harddrives and solid state drives for increased performance. Not all improvements will affect your computer speed depending on the age of the CPU and the operating system that you use.

We understand your pain points and try to solve them as efficiently as possible and with minimal expense.

We are experienced at securing email systems with Two Factor Authentication, monitoring spam filters, and using DKIM and DMARC record authentication to prevent domain spoofing. Email authentication, using encrypted email systems and also encrypted files at rest as well as in transit.

Our systems prevent ransomware attacks with a Antivirus Malware program, Emsisoft, that monitors unknown behaviors of the file system. This behavior system is able to detect and prevent malware and ransomware attacks on your data.

Our extensive experience in Law Offices, Accounting Firms, and other small businesses is a valuable service to companies that require secure private communications as well as Voip communication systems. Our VOIP communication systems runs well on cell phones without the need for a public WiFi system to receive calls. We can help you cut the cord completely from the office and made your office communications seamless.

We offer Cloud Storage that is secure using S3 Technology. S3 storage is able to keep your data safe at a fraction of the cost to other well known systems. We design your system so it requires maintenance only once a month.

Send us an email for more information about how Global Security Support can improve your IT infrastructure for the good and secure your internet connection to keep out threats. Email us at info@globalsecuritysupport.com or call us at 510-626-8199 for more information.

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