Global Security Support

We are a seasoned consulting firm that specializes in difficult to understand problems and simple solutions. We are very concious of your companies budget and try and make decisions that are based on our wealth of knowledge. We do not claim to be for everyone and will never try and tell you something that is outside of our knowledge.

We provide support for small to medium to larger enterprise companies that are open to another way of thinking about your technology solutions. We will challenge your thinking about your current path or we may say that this is outside of what we do.

Everything from Desktop support and advise, to security for the individual PC or MAC computer or Synology Server. We use RemotePC to manage your system with 2 Step Authentication for your protection.

We also will advise you on Backups to the cloud and how best to achieve that. We can provide software to connect to an S3 type cloud storage to automate your backups.

We provide VOIP systems for the small to enterprise level offices that utilize encrypted
communication. Our systems also function over the Cellular network and do not require a wifi connection. We have tested these systems and they work well in international communications.

We provide you with ways to encrypt your email, calendar and contacts so when you compose an email it is automatically encrypted as well as the attachments. Once they arrive at the destination, then additional encryption may be needed depending on the destination server.

Everything that we do is over the Internet for clients based in the USA. Currently we do not offer our services out of the contiguous US market.

We support you during normal business hours of 9AM PST to 6PM PST.

After hours support is not available and you will have to submit a ticket for the next business day.

Weekend support is available but at a higher rate and is limited to time and hours. Ask us about this if you fall into this category.

We provide Consulting services for complex needs and solutions. If onsite services is required we can help you in selecting qualified technicians to go onsite. We are not affiliated with outside contractors and will not be responsible if they do not perform as expected.

We are here to provide small businesses with support on securing their communications including – Voice over IP using either a PC, MAC or Cell Phone

We work to keep your online environment safe and secure by providing Encrypted Email at Rest and in transit.

We also train your staff to understand the value of encrypted documents, excel spreadsheets as well as PDF documents.

If you are regulated to provide encrypted communications then we are your fit.

We are an hourly service only.

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