• July 13, 2021

How do you change email over to someone who is more private?

Depending on who you currently host your email with, we can guarantee that there are few ZERO ACCESS ENCRYPTION servers in the world. Proton Mail is one of them. We have used Proton Mail for all of our domains and have complete confidence that they will not have access to your emails. Proton Mail does NOT have the encryption key and will protect your privacy completely, unlike other email services.


This process is complicated to Change your Email Mail Exchange MX, records over to another provider. In this process we create new SPF, DKIM and DMARC records to continue your mail flow. We prepare this change in advance of the change of your legacy records and also create the users so the email flow continues uninterrupted. We also give you the login for the users and their new passwords as well. Once the mail flow is working, then you will upload your backup email, done before this process started to make sure that you have a continuous, unbroken store of your emails. We have other processes that can import directly from the email server, but ask us before we start this process.

This change will then protect your domain name from spoofing and will come with a spam filter that works 100% of the time. We rarely have false positives but after you work with the new email server for a few days, and check the accuracy of the email capture, then we can say that this process will actually ensure 100% of your legitimate email into your inbox.

We have performed this upgrade many times and know the pitfalls and precautions to make sure that this change goes smooth.

Contact us to get an estimate on this critical change to your email security.

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