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  • July 26, 2021
  • Global Security Support

How to recover from a ransomware attack, 5 Critical Steps to follow.

5 Critical Steps to Recover From a Ransomware Attack.

Does your company have a plan if this happens to you ? What is your strategy for offsite backup ? Have you heard of ExpandDrive ? it is our preferred way to connect to S3 storage. Its a great way to share files and keep them in a safe place for only your workgroup to use. We recommend using a secondary storage bucket when using this type of system, so you have an alternative backup that can keep your files safe in case of an unexpected ransomware attack.

Are you only using Free Antivirus programs ? They dont protect you as well as the other systems such as Emsisoft, Sophos or FSecure.

Do you have a valid license for your Antivirus, if not check that first and make sure that your computer is fully protected from malware and potential ransomware. Often you will transfer infected files to the backup without adequate protection, you will find that your file integrity is compromised.


If you have a team of people that are wanting to work on the same documents then consider Expand Drive for Teams.

If you are using a MAC computer then consider Strong Sync.

Ask your consultant to do a “dry run” and see if the backups are working ?

Are the backups in REAL time, or are they once a day ? Real time backs up files as they get saved and as time goes on, you create more and more documents in a day, so its best to have the backups perform in Real time or every hour or two, depending on the upload speed of your internet and the volume of the data that you churn.

Typical Attorneys and Business professionals can create many documents in a day and without a solid offsite backup, you could loose many hours of productive work.

5 Critical Steps to Recover From a Ransomware Attack .  It is not complete, but has some good ideas how to focus your company on a plan for ransomware preparation. Its never too late to create a plan.


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