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  • August 3, 2021
  • Global Security Support

How to get Secure and Encrypted Email with Zero Access Encryption

Many of you need and want a system where your Emails, Calendars, Contacts and Files are encrypted with ZERO access encryption by your provider. Most of you do not understand that if they say your email is encrypted, the provider, i.e. Gmail or Microsoft, still hold the keys to decrypt the email that you send for use by their advertisers. This is a service that is agreed upon when you sign up for their services. With Zero Access encryption, only you hold the key to read your email at rest or in transit. This is essential for complete email privacy. Apps are available to be able to read email on your cell phone. Two Factor Authentication is also available for you to turn on as well as two password login. Two Password Login, requires two passwords to login, which is an alternative to Two Factor Authentication.

If the person receiving the email does not have a Zero Access Encryption server, then it is possible to click one button and encrypt the entire message. Once you agree on a decryption password, the end user will put in that password to read the email.

If you want complete and absolute privacy, then you need Proton Mail. They also bundle a VPN with it too that can be used on a cell phone or a PC/MAC computer. Hosted in Switzerland and run by 40 of the brightest minds in the internet, they are a best in class Email Provider that innovates and introduces new programs for secure communication through the internet. Click here for pricing and information.

For a free account click here and use it for all of your secure email communications to your friends.

Contact us to find out how to use this valuable email system with your companies email.

Zero Access Encryption
Proton Mail provides Zero Access encryption for your safety and security sending emails with sensitive data enclosed.

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