• September 21, 2021
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How to tell if your PC will run Windows 11…

If you are one of the early adopters, like Global Security Support, you are waiting to upgrade to Windows 11. Lets see if your PC will qualify. First there are utilities like WhyNotWin11.exe which falls short of our expectations. Why NotWin11 appears to give inaccurate information so even if the program says that you cannot run Windows 11, there is still a chance that it may run well.

If you are certain that your PC will run Windows 11, then try EaseUS upgrade to Windows 11 software. It will protect your data by backing it up to the cloud, convert your harddrive to UEFI – if required, and more. Ease US has a great reputation and their support is first class with knowledgeable support staff that can help you if you get into a jam. If you try this without a support person, then you will quickly see the value to their software. For the novice, willing to try to upgrade to Windows 11, we have words of caution to you. Some of you will have no problem, but others may not be so lucky. If you try the upgrade without EASEUS and run into problems then the process will likely result in data loss. So that is why we choose to be cautious with a major software upgrade to Windows 11.

With a software company like EaseUS they provide intuitive and virtually bullet proof software from everything to analyze, backup, preparing the harddrive and then the process to download and then upgrade to Windows 11. As you may or may not remember, the process of going from Windows XP to Windows 7 was tricky at best and many of you lost access to your files and important data. So, dont make the mistake of forgetting to first test your computer, back it up, and keep the system backed up with a program like Ease US. It is currently 50% off their normal price of 338.84, with the entry price of 169.42 that includes all the things that you need to get your PC upgraded, its even better than hiring a consultant, hoping to find someone with enough experience to confidently upgrade your computer, then finding out that, Opps, we skipped an important step like backup. And oh yeah, wait, their hourly rate of a minium of 75 USD per hour at several hours, lost data, lost sleep, frustration, makes the price of 169.42 seem cheap. Well, yes, we understand that some of you may not see the value of having such a good company as EaseUS behind you, but we have used their software, and have a lifetime upgrade subscription that we paid many years ago to retain EaseUS as our Data Recovery Experts. If you want a smooth upgrade to Windows 11 and not loose your data, or sleep, then try them. They have a great support staff and offer you money back for whatever reason that you will possibly think of. Ease US will give you great confidence in the IT industry that has almost brought us to bankruptcy for many Small to Medium Businesses in the USA.

So whynotwin11 ?

Well the answer is simple. Use EASEUS and find out now how they can insure you a smooth and safe transition to Windows 11. Dont wait until October 2021 to find out that your PC needs help and then discover that the 50% discount is gone. Buy it now and be prepared.

Contact us if you have more questions, but keep your sanity and try Ease US for all your data related issues. Read more about this critical software update.WhyNotWin11

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