Windows 11 Ready
  • September 21, 2021


How to tell if your PC will run Windows 11…

Does your harddrive boot using UEFI ? Is your Harddisk partitioned correctly ?

When was your latest backup of ALL your data including your recovery disk ?

Do you have someone to call in the event that your Upgrade to Windows 11 fails ? and you are left stranded without anyone to help you ?

Lost time, Lost data, expensive upgrades, well Microsoft says its a FREE upgrade, but dont be fooled into thinking that this upgrade will be anything but a nightmare for most people.

Read more about this.

So whynotwin11 ?

Well the answer is simple. Use EASEUS and find out now how they can insure you a smooth and safe transition to Windows 11. Dont wait until October 2021 to find out that your PC needs help and then discover that the 50% discount is gone. Buy it now and be prepared. Contact us if you need more assistance in this.


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