• July 27, 2021
  • Global Security Support

Ever wonder how Gmail knows about what you are writing in an email ?

Gmail has something called Smart Compose that as you write it, Gmail reads it and “anticipates” the next word that you are going to say. Kinda creepy I say. Its called writing suguestions, and smart compose. Read here what google knows already about you if you use its Chrome browser. If you need HIPPA privacy then you will not be in compliance using a service that has access to your email.

We have known this for many years and although some are just reporting on this, it has been a google practice to anticipate the next word using AI and your typical pattern of typing. We think this is an invasion of our privacy and most of our clients will agree, so there are alternatives to using Gmail. Ask us about who’s service is more private.

For us at Global Security Support, we dont like big data/brother reading our emails and anticipating what we are going to say. Privacy remains to be our main concern here and keeping our business from prying eyes is proving to be a challenge in todays world. Try using Chromium or Firefox to login to Google next time. Make sure that you do a backup of your computer regularly and try out Dreamhost for offsite storage. If you need help with this contact us and we will show you how to connect to this advanced method of storage.

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